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      Chapter 14"Heah, we told you no politics. Git back thar, now, quick, or we'll bust your haid with this heah rock."

      "But you can't help loving, surelye."

      One of the other elders said: "You bring a new one to us?""Are you an officer?" said the startled Captain as soon as he could gain words. "I'm a Captain. I'll not surrender to any one under my rank."

      "Great Scott," muttered Si, with troubled face, for the sight was appalling. "Is the whole Confederacy out there on hossback?"While o'er our hard-earned pence they gloat?


      Naomi was disgusted. Reuben had once or twice offended her by his coarseness, but she could never get used to it.


      "Good mornin', Kunnel. When 'd you git down here?" said a voice at his elbow.Precedent was clearly recognizable, even though it made no sense. Those who had not escaped surely had no reason to be punished, Cadnan thought. But what the masters had done to Great Bend Tree they would do to Bent Line Tree.